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Mountain Waters 

A proposal to produce a half-hour video interpretation of water ecologies in the Northern Shawangunk Mountains.

The Shawangunks are located less than a hundred miles up the Hudson Valley from New York City. A thirty-eight square mile tract of these mountains is held by Minnewaska State Park, the Mohonk Trust and the Ice Caverns, a National Natural Landmark. Preserved for the Megalopolis, the Shawangunks offer a standing invitation for regeneration to approximately twenty million people. Since 1971, the artist has spent over six years living near and hiking the Northern Shawangunks. The proposed tape will increase public appreciation of this preserve during the year of the twentieth anniversary of Earth Day, by inviting video viewers to let their minds run with the various forms that water takes in this mountain ecology.

The proposed interpretation will follow the water up the mountain. The viewer will move from drippings in ice caverns, to morning mist over bogs and swamps, up four waterfalls, along many streams to rain falling into five sky lakes. Sometimes this movement up the mountain will be accentuated by editing the tape in reverse direction at different speeds, as in the sample submitted. The tape will be composed according to the Earthscore Method originated by the artist to interpret ecological systems. Using the Earthscore Method it will be possible to appreciate the various surface qualities of water, the obstacles water overcomes, the shapes water takes, and the ecological context of its movement. I anticipate over three hundred edits, many of them dissolve edits. Dynamic tracking and other post production techniques that can increase the viewer's appreciation of water will be used.

Mountain Waters

    © 2006
    Paul Ryan
    all rights reserved