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Lesson Ten: Considering the Yoga of Threeing

In this final verbal lesson for verbal Threeing,  we will consider the nonverbal yoga of Threeing.  The lesson will consist of walking through the yoga of Threeing and discussing the possibility of actually initiating a formal practice.


Review the presentation of the yoga of Threeing (Additional Resources)
Outline the relational circuit on the floor with masking tape.  Configure a circuit with an eight foot diameter. (Additional Resources – Relational Circuit 2D)
Outline as many circuits as there are teams of three.


To Consider practicing the Yoga of Threeing


Tricolor Talking Sticks
Ten foot square floor space for each team of three
Role of masking tape for each team of  three


Recombine in teams of three.  Avoid repeating team members.

5 minutes

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Exercise # 1, Walking and Talking

Using an open book, each team walks and talks their way through the choreography for Threeing shown on pages ??.  No sounding.  No flying and holding.

15 minutes

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Exercise # 2, Silent Walking

After the team has a sense of the choreography, recombine teams and walk through the same choreography without talking.  Do not do the sounding or the flying and holding exercises.  Simply walk through the choreography.  Pause for a full minute in each position.  Let each person take in the simple fact of standing behind or in front of someone. Let  each person take in the fact of standing face-to-face with someone. When each team has completed the choreography, they step out of the circuit and take up the talking stick.

15 minutes

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Exercise # 3 Talking about Walking

Yellow initiate a conversation about the possibility of the doing the practice with this group.  Red react to this possibility. Blue mediate.  Change roles.  Have another round. Change roles.  Have another round.  Use advocacy protocols if necessary.
25 minutes


Have a general discussion about the feasibility of this group engaging in the practice of nonverbal Threeing.  Let particular people indicate whether they would opt out or move into the practice.

30 minutes

End Of Lesson

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Lessons in Threeing: Lesson 10

Exercise #1: Walking and Talking

Exercise #2: Silent Walking

Exercise #3: Talking About Walking




















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