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Lesson Eight

Cultivating Creativity

Creativity is constrained when yoked to a purpose. Creativity privileges the category of firstness, being such as you are regardless of any opposition or outcome.  Taking turns in Threeing enables three people to cultivate their creativity collaboratively, free of purpose.  They can relate and create for the pleasure of merely going round and round the relational circuit together.  This lesson is designed to cultivate such creativity.


Relax.  Do something for the pleasure of doing it.


Cultivate Creativity


  • Drawing paper and drawing pencils or thin felt markers for everyone
  • Pile of images cut out of magazines, 25 images per trio
  • Writing paper and pens for everyone.
  • A yellow, red and blue scarf for each trio
  • Round working tables for the group with three chairs each.
  • Tricolor Talking Sticks


  • Combine group in teams of three.  Avoid repeating same people on same teams.
  • Assign each group a table.

5 minutes

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Exercise # 1 Drawing

Give each participant a drawing pad and a drawing pencil or marker. Each person is asked to draw one spontaneous line on the paper, all at the same time (First Skill Set).  Team rotates the pad to the other members of the team.  Now each member of the team reacts to the line in front of them with another single line that indicates their reaction (Second Skill Set).  Rotate pads again.  Each team member takes their time and adds another line to the drawing that seeks to balance or mediate between the two lines in front of them (Third Skill Set).
Show each other the final compositions.
Repeat procedure for as much time as you have.

15 minutes

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Exercise # 2 Collaging Images

Recombine teams.   Place twenty five images on the table of each team of three. Participants go through the pile and each person selects six images they like.

Rotating around the table from left to right, team members then take turns initiating the following sequence.  Yellow places an image on the table in the center.  Red puts down a reaction image on impulse.  Blue selects an image that suggests mediation between the two images in front of her and places in on the table. Take in final collage.  Rotate roles.  Repeat procedure.  Rotate roles.  Repeat procedure. Rotate and repeat until there are no more images to work with.

15 minutes

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Exercise # 3 Soundings

Recombine teams.   Assemble teams of three at small tables. Place a yellow, red and blue scarf in the middle of each table. Each person selects a scarf. With eyes closed, yellow initiates some sort of wordless sound.  Red simultaneously reacts and responses with a sound of her own.  Blue listens to both and generates a mediating sound.

When any member of the team feels the sounding is becoming emotionally false, she places her scarf back on the table. Other members follow suit.  After all scarves are back on the table, another team member picks up yellow and the procedure begins again.

Repeat for time allowed.
30 minutes

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Exercise # 4  Hands and Sound

Recombine teams.  Team members sit around table.  Yellow, red and blue scarves are placed on the table.  Team members select scarves and place them around their necks.  Yellow extends her had into the center of the table palm down and moves her hand and makes sounds according to how she feels.  Red places hand over top of Yellow’s hand and reacts with sound and movement.  Blue places hand overtop of Red and mediates with sound and movement.  Any team member can withdraw her hand.  Rotate roles.  Repeat until all have had a turn as Yellow, Red and Blue.

30 minutes

End Of Lesson

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Selected art reproductions and distribute them to teams.  Have them articulate their response in terms of the three skill sets.

Visit museums in teams or alone.   Consider the work in terms of firstness, secondness and thirdness.

Play selected music.  Let members respond in terms of the three skill sets.

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Exercise #1: Drawing

Exercise #2: Collaging

Exercise #3: Soundings

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