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Yoga of Threeing

Choose from the following four resources designed to assist you in understanding the theory and practice of Threeing. A PDF file of this section is available to download.

What is Threeing?

Threeing is a way of being with two others. In the practice of Threeing, three people take turns playing three different roles.

How does it work?

Not unlike T'ai Chi or Yoga. T'ai Chi and Yoga balance the will being of one with a system of changing postures. Threeing balances being three with a system of changing positions. In threeing you are never forced to choose between two other people. You choose different positions to maintain a balanced relationship among three. Threeing is a relational practice.

Why is Threeing based on changing positions?

Being three begins with being born. Child. Mother. Father. You balance your relation to your mother and father from one unchanging position, the position of the child. Threeing gives you six possible positions. You change your relationship when you change your position.

Relationships can be balance the way a painter balances color. Relationships are "compossed" in movement, gesture, sound and stillness. Threeing is an art of relating.

Threeing can also be taken as a coopertive game and approached in a spirit of play. Threeing can be taken seriously and approached as a ritual of relationships. In addition, there are ways a group can use Threeing to organize work and learning which are too complex to specifiy here.

Can Threeing work with four people?

No. You need multiples of three to do Threeing. Six is a good set to work with. With six one triad can monitor the other triad and feedback supporting observations. Moreover, with six there are twenty different triadic combinations, as outlined below.

123 ABC 1AC 23B
12A 3BC 1BC 23A
12B 3AC 2AB 13C
12C 3AB 2AC 13B
1AB 23C 2BC 13A

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Threeing - Instructions

Threeing is performed by three people, each represented in the instructions by a different token. The tokens are: a circle, a pentagon, and a triangle.

Threeing takes place on a relational circuit outlined on the floor that has six positions. The smallest bold bar within the circuit is the positions of firstness, the middle bar is the position of secondness and the longest bar is the position of thirdness.

These positions have three in between positions indicated by the outsides of the circuit. The thin lines indicate the continuous path connecting the positions.

Performers must follow the continuous path in changing positions. Only one performer is allowed in any position at any time.

Threeing can be performed either with a seven foot square or a circle with an eight foot diameter.

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Yoga of Threeing

What is Threeing?

Instructions for Threeing

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