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Updated Wednesday, March 27, 2002


1. Overview by Oliver Lowenstein


1. Relational Circuit - 2D
2. Relational Circuit - 3D
3. Mobius Strip
4. Threeing - diagrams
5. Performance Profile
(File size 80k)


1. Video Chi
2. Earthscore Notation for Orchestrated Perception about the Natural World
3. Earthscore for Artists
4. American Video Art and European Television (File size: 79KB)
5. Self Processing

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1. Three Way Solution
2. Ten Lessons in Threeing - Intro
   Lesson 1
   Lesson 2
   Lesson 3
   Lesson 4
   Lesson 5
   Lesson 6
   Lesson 7
   Lesson 8
   Lesson 9
   Lesson 10
(Profiling Skills and the Talking Stick)
3. Performance Profile for Threeing - (Key to Scoring to be cofirmed by Paul for accuracy)
4. Diagrams for Yoga of Threeing -PAGE WITH GRAPHICS

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1. Coast of Cape Ann (File size: 76KB)
2. Forest Forever: The New York City Cycle (File size: 70KB)
3. Meditation of the Arthur Kill and the Kill Van Kull (File size: 66KB)
4. Mountain Waters (File size: 45KB)
5. Symphony for the Jersey Shore (File size: 61KB)


Creating Curriculum for Sustainability: The Earthscore Notation - draft
1. Introduction (File size: 115KB)
2. Component One (File size: 112KB)
3. Component Two (File size: 141KB)
4. Component Three (File size: 112KB)
5. Component Four (File size: 82KB)
6. Component Five (File size: 106KB)

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1. A Sign of Itself
2. McLuhan and Earthscore
3. Face-to-Face in Wired World

4. Metalogue with Gregory Bateson
5. Gender and Threeing
6. The Blessed Trinity and the Practice of Threeing
7. Threeing and Peace (File size: 139KB)

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1. Communication for the Riverside Park Community (File size: 51KB)
2. The Ecochannel Design (File size: 92KB)
3. NEST: New York City Ecochannel for a Sustainable Tomorrow (File size: 89KB)
4. Peirce and Work (File size: 124KB)(Accompanying Resource - Performance Profile.)
5. Video Rangers(File size: 59KB)
6. Watershed Watch (File size: 61KB)

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1. Infolding Information
2. Cybernetic Guerrilla Warfare
3. Jesus Crucified, the Living Earth and Television
4. Video, Computers and Memory
5. A Genealogy of Video
6. Video Journey Through Utopia

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