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Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan’s video art has shown in Japan, Korea, Turkey, Israel, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Denmark, Ecuador, Canada and throughout the United States, including the Museum of Modern Art exhibition, "Primitivism" in 20th Century Art: Affinity of the Tribal and the Modern and The American Century Show at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

He presented his Design for an Environmental Television Channel at Bogazici University in Istanbul, The Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City, MoMA, and a United Nations Conference. His program for a Hall of Risk in Lower Manhattan was presented at the Venice Biennial. His articles have appeared in numerous journals including Leonardo, Terra Nova and Semiotica. Mr. Ryan founded and edited the bioregional magazine Talking Wood. Radical Software published his seminal writings on video. NASA published his Earthscore Notational System. An Associate Professor of Media Studies at the New School, Mr. Ryan authored Cybernetics of the Sacred, Video Mind/Earth Mind and The Three Person Solution. The Smithsonian Institution marked the acquisition of his archives with an exhibition at the Archives of American Art in New York City. dOCUMENTA (13) has invited Paul Ryan to take part in the 2012 event.

Paul Ryan is available for lectures, workshops, consultations and commissions. Please contact by email at paulryan333@gmail.com or go to the Contact Page of this website.

Paul Ryan's Resume

Grey Room 44, 2011 Interview

Commentary on the Work of Paul Ryan

"For me the greatness of Paul Ryan’s video images of water is that they are not pictures of water, they are pictures of chreods, those necessary, complex, and beautiful forms that appear everywhere in the world where stable change continually occurs. These are not landscape images, not sentimental, not appropriating. They are intensely engaged with the rules of multi-dimensional flow and are a model for the mutually affirmative resonance of water flows and human flows. "

Stephanie Strickland, Digital & Print Poet

"Just as we erect planetariums to support telescopes that gain sightings of the stars, so Ryan's mental constructs provide the plans with which we can erect terrestrial observatories housing video."

Peter Berg, Planet Drum Foundation

"Ryan's array of interests and experimental research tends to focus upon the daunting task of radically altering perceptual behavior and, as a consequence, instituting a distinct kunstler's epistemology...Though vastly different in other respects, Ryan's attitude of mind in this regard is comparable to Joseph Buey's concept of sculpture as social action. "

Frank Gillette, Artist, NYC

"This thinking is remarkably consistent...informed by an intelligent creative use of the theories of Charles S. Peirce, Gregory Bateson, Rene Thom, Nelson Goodman...Ryan makes some original contributions himself in the conceptual realm...he is working in an American tradition of theorizing, exemplified in the work of Buckminster Fuller and John Cage...one of the most innovative explorers... addressing the operations of an electronic civilization on its own terms. "

Gregory Ulmer, Professor of Literature, University of Florida

"Interdisciplinary...intercultural...To see what Ryan does with anthropology is to realize what anthropology has become and what it failed to be...Most interesting [is] Ryan's persistent and developing critique of duality ...in favor of an assortment of triadic structures...devised...to bring a self regulating openness to human conscious and community...when Ryan takes on duality, he takes on human community and consciousness itself, not an academic commentary. "

Thomas De Zengotita, Anthropologist, New York University

"[Ryan's] formalization of being three (Threeing) is completely astonishing. "

Alain Badiou, Ecole Normale Superieure

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